Thursday, 24 January 2008

Words into action

Two things have caught my eye today.

Firstly, a new briefing from the Oxford Research Group (ORG), written by Chris Abbott: An Uncertain Future: Law Enforcement, National Security and Climate Change
I've not read it yet, but the blurb on their website says:
"Climate change will have serious environmental, socio-economic and security consequences for both developed and developing nations alike. This report explores these consequences and demonstrates that they will present new challenges to governments trying to maintain domestic stability. [and that these] ... risks of climate change demand a rethink of current approaches to security and the development of sustainable ways of achieving that security, with an emphasis on preventative rather than reactive strategies."

Some of the alternative approaches are doubtless part of the agendas of the range of campaigning groups putting on an interestin event on 2nd February in Newcastle: " Change in Progress is an exciting [so they say!] initiative by some of Britain's leading campaigning organisations. We are collaborating to offer a unique day of training, designed to help you:
* develop new skills and hone existing ones
* meet like-minded activists from other networks and campaigns
* share experiences, inspiration and enthusiasm for taking action on the issues you care about"

Pooling ideas and resources in this way seems a really good (even exciting) practical step forward in tackling the range of diverse but connected issues that Chris Abbott, Paul Rogers and co have been raising in the publications of the ORG. And how good to have it happening in the north. I hope it goes well.