Monday, 25 September 2006

Something else ... after the demo and Peace One Day

Not able to join the “Time to go” demonstration or Quaker vigils in Manchester, I had a look forward reports after the event. On Indymedia, one writer writes:

"Overall, the demonstration was a fantastic reflection of true public opinion, organised and executed without a (noticeable) hitch. I came away feeling empowered, yet knowing I can do more, and inspired to become more active. I imagine the tens of thousands of people who took the time to stand up and be counted, from all walks of life, cultures, religions and backgrounds, also feel the same as me."

Urging people to become more active is also the flavour of a powerful short video of Gill Hicks, survivor of the July 2005 bomb attacks in London, produced for Peace Direct. In it she says: “Everyone can find that power in themselves. Harness it to do some really difficult things. Find someone whose view you oppose and listen until you understand them. It’s about listening, talking, discussing, understanding.”

Other interesting items from Peace Direct include information about the work they’re supporting in Sudan, a quest to find new images for peace (doves don’t do it anymore, apparently) and their own new blog “Life on the Line” at

And people doing peace work on behalf of British Quakers write about their work in journal letters. If you’ve not yet seen them, find a selection here.