Friday, 19 May 2006

Peace people in Iran

The US branch of the Fellowship of Reconciliation (FoR) currently has a delegation visiting Iran. Why? This is how they explain it:
As a pacifist organization committed to nonviolent social change, the Fellowship of Reconciliation is constantly working for global peace with justice, and for reconciliation. One way to accomplish this goal is by facilitating direct dialogue and promoting people-to-people diplomacy among citizens of countries whose governments are in conflict.
Read more about the delegation here.

Individual comment from Emily Johns, a British person with the delegation can be found on the Justice not Vengeance website. She writes...

Near Isfahan there is an underground storage facility for the nuclear programme. If this is bombed by the USA, then Physicians for Social Responsibility have estimated that the singer, the rollerskater, the lovers and grandmothers and three million other people will be killed within 48 hours.

We in Britain must make sure that this armageddon never happens.

We must immediately make our government commit to us that USAF Fairford and Diego Garcia will not be used by United States bombers, and insist that our governement lifts the fear of death from the Iranian people and enters into face to face negotiations with their government now.